Japanese Culinary Expedition

Japanese sake embodies the essence of its region. In Nagano, a treasure trove of culinary heritage awaits, where local food culture and sake have been beloved companions to traditional Japanese cuisine for ages.

Discover the unique allure of Nagano’s culinary landscape, adding an extra layer of fascination to your dining experience at home.

Unveiling the World of Japanese Sake

What is Japanese Sake? What is Japanese Sake made from? How do you drink Japanese Sake? Japanese sake is a unique beverage exclusive to Japan, and understanding its culture enriches your Sake experiences. Now, you are ready to enjoy Japanese Sake!

Cooking Class at a Traditional Japanese House

Enrich your experience in Japan! My cooking class held at a remarkable traditional Japanese house in Nagano to make your trip even more memorable. Immerse yourself in the local ingredients and master the art of Japanese cuisine!